Thursday, December 11, 2014

Comparison of indian states
Name of state.      Population    Lok sabha seats.     % of total lok sabha seats.    % of total population
Uttar pradesh.       

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cancer update

Rise in cancer cases        Deaths
2012 ---14.1 million       8.2   million
2035----24.0 million      14.6 million
New cases
Less developed countries---increase 44 %
Richer countries------------increase 20 %
Cancer due to smoking---20 % of all cancer cases
Lung cancer--------------13 %

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Healing foods

1. FIGS--A rare source of calcium, figs may help prevent the bone loss due to aging. Very high in fibre, which may reduce risk of colon, breast and prostrate cancers.

2. BEETS--Nutrient packed beets may sharpen your mind. They produce nitric acid which increases blood flow throughout the body i/c the areas of brain.

3.FRESH CRANBERRIES--superstars at treating urinary tract infections, also prevent heart disease. They are rich in anthocyanins, flavonols and proanthocyanidins that keep LDL, cholesterol from oxidizing and sticking to artery walls.

4. ORANGE PITH--Spongy white layer between the zest and the pulp , although bitter it stores a good amount of fruit.s fibre and antioxidents.

5. EGGS--Zinc and iron in eggs support healthy hair and strong nails and lecithin in the yolks is rich in choline which helps repair neurological damage and move cholestrol in the blood stream.

6. SEASAME SEEDS-- A few spoonful of seaseme seeds in aday reduce LDL cholestrol by 10 % .

7. MUSTARD-- It is agood source of seleniumwhich helps protect against cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease and give the immune system a boost.

8. LAMB--Among red meats lamb stands out for its high nutritional value and a good source of omega 3.

9. BROCCOLI-- The sulforaphane in broccoli may help the body fight off infections that inflame the lungs and arteries hepls skin healthy and glowing.

10. CHILLIES--The heat source in these fiery bites ,capsaicin may help prevent the blood clots that lead to heart attack and strokes.

11. KIWIS-- Kiwis cantain both lutien and zeaxanthin, antioxidents that may maintain eye health.

12. CELERY LEAVES--They are the most nutritious part of the plant that contain iron, calcium, potassium, beta carotine and viamin C.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 Cheese Rolling
 Stilton, UK
 May 6
 Rolling a wheel of cheese down the road as fast as possible. 
Clown Festival
Svendborg, Denmark
May 15-20
Clowns from all over the world come here.
Feast of the snake catchers
Cocullo, Italy
May 1
Locals drape the statue of saint Domenico with live reptiles.
Gypsies Pilgrimage
Saintes Maries de la Mer, France
May 24
Thousands gather to worship their saint Sara, the Black.
Trumpet Festival
Guca, Serbia
Aug 5-11
Brass Bands from all over the world march and play day and night
Canal Festival
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 16-25
Classical music festival
Gracia  Street Festival
Barcelona, Spain
Aug 15-21
Dazzingly decorated street. Prize for best decorated street.
Bergan, Norway
Aug 1-4
Vintage gems like fire engines,steam trains , vessels on display
Aarhus Festival
Aarhus, Denmark
Aug 30-Sep 8
1000 concerts, plays & children activities.
Chimney sweep Festival
Santa Marcia Maggiore, Italy
Aug 30- Sep 2
1200 chimney sweep from all over the world gather in vigezzo valley.
Jane Austen Festival
Bath, UK
Sep 13-21
Girls dressed in 18th century costumes celebrating the famous english writer.
Queen Elisabeth Festival
Hradee Kralove, Czech Republic
Sep 6-7
Czech Town returns to the middle ages medieval fair,conjurers, jugglers
Krakelingen Festival
Gerardsbergen, Belgium
Feb 23
Councillors throw ring shaped breads into the crowd containing a ticket for jewel.
St Agatha Feast
Catania, Italy
Feb 3-5
One million people gather to celebrate St Agatha.
Mimosa Festival
Mandelieu-La Napoule, France
Feb 14-23
!2 tonne of bright red mimosa flowers fill the streets. 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Himalayas from the sky

Air pollution in Delhi, India

Delhi's air quality is worse than Beijing which is the most polluted city in the world
In mid january air quality in Beijing was so bad that it closed four major highways.
Harmful fine particulate matter PM2.5 was 500 in Beijing.
 But it neared and crossed 300 in Delhi eight times in January.
Particulate matter which is less than 2.5 in diameter penetrates deeply into our lungs.
In three weeks the PM2.5 was less than 300 just for one day in the first three weeks of the year , a level which is 12 times the prescribed limit by WHO.
PM10 in 2011 in Beijing was avg 117 were as in Delhi it was 281.
Delhi's peak fine partculate matter is 44%   higher this year compared to last year.
India's air quality is among the worst in the world.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Himalayas from the sky

Mandira Bedi

Displaying photo.JPG
1.Date of birth -April 14
2.Place of birth--Kolkata
Actress, TV anchor 

Coffee Consumption

Per Capita Coffee consumption in the world

1.   Netherlands---------2.41 cups/day
2.   Finland--------------1.85
3.   Sweden-------------1.36
4.   Denmark------------1.28
5.   Slovakia------------1.20
6.   Serbia--------------1.19
7.   Czech Republic-----1.17
8.   Poland-------------1.15
9.   Norway------------1.13
10. Slovenia------------1.10
11. Canada-------------1.01
12. United States-------0.93
13. France--------------0.69
14. Russia-------------0.55
15. UK---------------0.39
16. Italy---------------0.34
17. Japan-------------0.29
18. China-------------0.08
19. India--------------0.02
20. Pakistan----------0.008

Fountain at Vijay Chowk, New Delhi

Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Happiest places on earth

Based on job, health, income and life expentancy
1.  Denmark
2.  Finland
3.  Norway
4.  Sweden
5.  Netherland
6.  Costa Rica
7.  New Zealand
8.  Canada
9.   Israel
10. Australia
11. Switzerland
12. Panama
13. Brazil
14. USA
58. Pakistan
91. Bangladesh
115. Sri lanka
116. India
117. Afganistan
125. China
130. Nepal

Find happiness

1. Value your relationships
2. Express yourself
3. Spend money on others
4. Focus on the positive
5. Hydrate yourself

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rich people habits

1. Money saved is money earned.
2. Use discount coupons
3. Buy 3-5 suits every five years
4. Use ATM once a week and reduce the
    Withdrawl amount everytime.
5. Millionaires pay the lowest i/c tips
6. Houses having entertaining rooms
    To destress and offlimits to others
7. Pay all taxes and self manage.
8. Dont waste anything
9. Help my contributors in kind or cash
10. Help the genuine needy
11. Children should part finance their   
12. Ask donation seekers to tell how
      Much money they raise. 
13. Look around for investment ideas
      In everyday life
14. Grab opportunity in stock market
15. Cant win by gifting
16. Rich people use initials in names
17. Hold on to relationships
18. You have money makes you smart
19. If you want success you have to 
      Accept risks.
20. If you willing to go up the chain 
      For a complaint you are going to get     
      Your product rectified without 

Sebestian Vettel

Sebestian vettel
Age -26-
 winner of the
Formula 1 championship for the fourth straight year
Youngest champion
Youngest formula 1 winner
Youngest driver ever to take pole position
Formula 1 debut on 17 june 2007
Drives for Red Bull

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Burj Khalifa ( 163 floors ) - worlds tallest building-colpleted in 2010 in Dubai.
Imperial Heights -- ( 60 storey )- worlds tallest residential building in Tardeo.
Number of 200 m plus buildings completed in 2013
37 no. --China
73 No- Total
1 No-USA
53 No-- Asia
In 2000 ---200 m plus buildings--261
In 2013--------------------------830

Wikipedia page views

Wikipedia page views
                               % Change
All-         17512 million   -10
English -   8527              -12      
Japenese  1395               -09
German    1036              -17
Hindi        10.5               +34
Tamil         5.3                -11
Bengali      4.4                +46
Marathi     3.7                +04
Malyalam  3.9                +36
Telugu       2.3                +01
Worlds 6th most visited website.
523 million unique visitors in a year

Monday, January 20, 2014

From the sky

Honking of cars

Honking of car in one day in Mumbai & Delhi is equivalent
to that witnessed in a European city in an entire year.
Mercedes Benz and Audi use indian made horns to enhance
their decibel levels.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Heart Stroke- Prevention

80 % of ischemic stroke can be prevented with
1. Lifestyle changes
2. Losing weight
3. Eating a healthful Diet
4. Exercising regularly
5. Medical treatment

Build up of plaque on the walls of our arteries.

Artrial fibrillation
Increases the risk of stroke five fold.
Its a type of irregular heartbeat that causes the blood to pool
in the upper chambers of the heart.

Patent foramen ovale
About 25 % of the population has this hole
in the wall that seperates upper two chambers
of the heart

Police Force of Mumbai

Use of Police force of Mumbai

Total Police ---48969
58 % protecting VIP's
2600 protecting IPS officers


Sensor City
Santander in northern Spain
Number of residents--180000
Number of sensors--12000
Sensors buried under pavements,. attached to lamposts, on buses.
Used for:- saving electricity, check on delayed buses, vacant car parks,

Delhi , near airport

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, India

Paonta Sahib is a sacred town built in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. The road passes through Sataun and follows the Giri River along the beautiful scenery. Situated on the banks of Yamuna River, Paonta Sahib is a bustling township with growing industries. It is one of the important holy places for the Sikhs. It retains tangible memories of Guru Gobind Singh in the form of his weapons and a majestic Gurudwara. It recalls his presence even in the name of the city which is derived from Paonta meaning "foot", either because he set foot on this place or, according to an alternate story, he lost an ornament which he wore on his foot called "Paonta" while bathing in the Yamuna river.

There is a legend in this town that surrounds the ruins of this old capital of a princely state. Sirmouri Tal, not very far from Paonta Sahib was destroyed by the curse of a court dancer when the the ruler went back on an oath to give half of this kingdom in case she crossed a narrow gorge on a rope. This, she did but the wily ruler the offered her the entire kingdom if she could dance her way back. She started back but as she was half way across, he cut the rope hurling the helpless girl into the stream. Floods followed which swept away the city, the ruler and the royal house, as a result of dancer's curse. Vishawkarma temple and few other Hindu temples are also located in Paonta Sahib. The water of river Yamuna is being dammed down stream of Paonta which will soon have a water reservoir where water sports will be organised.
 Paonta Sahib is easily approachable from Nahan (45 km) and there is regular bus service connecting the places. One can also come from other routes by bus or car/taxi from Dehra Dun (45 km), Haridwar (117 km) and Shimla (180 km).

Chail, Himachal Pradesh, India


Chail was the summer capital of the former princely state of Patiala. It came into being in the late nineteenth century when it’s handsome and dashing Maharaja Bhupender Singh was banished from Shimla, the summer capital of British India for a dalliance with the British Commander –in-Chief’s daughter. Smarting at this insult, Bhupender Singh began exploring the neighbouring hills with a single guiding force – to find a hill that was within sight of Shimla but higher. The little village of Chail seemed perfect. Shimla lay within direct vision, and most important, Chail was higher than the British controlled Shimla town. Large tracts of the land here already belonged to him. This had been given to his ancestors for services rendered during the Gurkha wars which had come to an end in 1815-16. A site was selected and the Maharaja began building his summer palace. But an ill omen seemed to hang over the construction area. Local legend has it that the moment anything was built, it would collapse over night. Dozens of snakes would appear from nowhere and attack the labourers. Then Bhupinder Singh had a dream. A sage appeared before him and declared that the site the Maharaja had chosen was where he had meditated till he was taken by the earth, and his peace should not be disturbed. The Maharaja had the sage’s blessing to build on any other spot. Bhupinder Singh moved to another site and at the original spot – which is about a kilometre from the Palace Hotel – he had a temple built to the sage. Here the stone embodiment of the sage may still be seen along with the iron tongs and trident. The shrine is known as the Sidh Baba Ka Mandir and is revered by many who claim that the sage has the power to grant boons. Meanwhile Bhupinder Singh had another site levelled out and a splended mansion was built and sumptuously furnished. And at 2226 m, a good hundered meters above Shimla’s average height, Bhupinder Singh’s summer capital was prepared to taken on the British one at equal terms.
Chail Palace Hotel
In 1972 the property set in about 75 acres of land – including peripheral cottages, woods, sport and recreation facilities and even an orchard – passed into the hands of Himachal Tourism. This is now the Palace Hotel – a full- fledged destination resort. This retains the grandeur of its princely past and a large elegant lawn, complete with pavilion and fountain, adjoins the Hotel. Chail’s famous cricket ground was built in 1893 after leveling out the top of a hill. This stands at 2444.4 m and is perhaps the highest cricket pitch and the polo ground in the world. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was an avid cricketer and the teams that have played here include the MCC. Bhupinder Singh was not averse to a spot of fun in cricket too. This once included a match with all the players dressed as women; the Maharaja took the crease in a nun’s black habit sporting and equally black beard. Several easy walks can be done in and around Chail. The small wild life sanctuary has a variety of wild life that includes the ghoral, kakkar, sambhar, red jungle fowl, and the khalij and cheer pheasents. There are Machan-like sighting posts near ‘Blossom’ at Khariun and on the blade pate of the prosaically named Roda Tibba. Fishing is possible on the Gaura river 29 km from Chail and there are several trek routes that lead out of the resort, including the one to the Choor Chandni mountain which is visible from Chail and poetically translates as “The Mountain Of The Silver Bangles”. Chail is 86 km from Kalka via Kandaghat and 45 km from Shimla via Kufri.