Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IIT JEE Admissions--2010

No of students who appeared----4.50 lakh
No. of students who cleared the exam---13104
No. of girl students who appeared----1.13 lakh
No. of girl students who cleared----1476
No. of students who cleared from various centres
IITMumbai (3145),
IIT Madras (2619),
IIT Delhi (2264),
IIT Kharagpur (1481),
IIT Kanpur (1341),
IIT Roorkee (1305
 IIT Guwahati (521).

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Air crashes in India

January 1, 1978: AI-XY5 flight crashed into Arabian Sea, killing 213.

June 21, 1982: AI-403 flight crashed in Mumbai airport, killing 17 out of 111 passengers and crew members.

October 19, 1988: IC-113 flight crashed in Ahmedabad, killing 124 out of 129 passengers.

February 14, 1990: AI flight IC-605 crashed in Bangalore, killing 92 out of 146 passengers.

August 16, 1991: IC-257 crashed in Imphal, killing 69.

April 26, 1993: IC-491 crashed at Aurangabad airport in Maharashtra, killing 55 of 118 passengers.

November 12, 1996: Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight collided midair with Kazakhastan Airlines Flight 1907 near Charki Dadri in Haryana, all 349 on board were killed.

May 22,2010: Air India Flight crashed at Manglore Airport,158 killed and 8 survive.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delhi University College Admissions

                                               No of seats      Hostel seats     Currently   No. of
                                                  Total                                     Enrolled    Teachers

Hindu  College                            1520              250       ----       2500             140

Sri Venkateswara College           1376                144                 2300            147

Shri Ram college of commerce     624                  200             1700             092

Ramjas College                         1376                  208               3606           181

Indraprastha College                   1014                  200           1900              120

Gargi College                             1288                 NA             2500             135

Kirori Mal College                      1201                150              3500            142

Dyal Singh College                     1406               NA                3300              150

Khalsa College                            750                 NA                 2345              125

Atma Ram Sanatam  Dharam      1180                NA                  2650             160

Shyama Prasad Mukherji            1128                NA                  2300            110
Keshav Mahavidyalaya                523                  80                   1296            033

Kalindi College                           1064                      NA               1851             072

Janki Devi Memorial                    0945                      NA                1883            114

Sri Guru Gobind  Singh College    0452                     NA                 1650            060

Bhaskaracharaya College             0338                     NA                  0500            050

Lady Irwin college                        0466                 200                   1200           073

Zakir Hussain College                  1539                  NA                   2700           175

Bharati College                             0677                  NA                   1450            070

Deen Dayal Upadhaya College     0778                   NA                    1500          079

Jesus and Mary College                0560                  NA                   2400          131

Delhi College of Arts & Com     0581                 NA                    1232         077

Hans Raj College                             0895                  180               3714           177

Acharya  Narender Dev College         0525             NA              1273             092

Miranda House                               1055              250                3000          160

Daulat Ram College                        1077          180                 2300             140

Deshbandhu College                       1360          NA               2200               152

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College        0953         NA              1500                 089

Shaheed Sukhdev College               0185         NA             0660                016

Shaheed Rajguru College                0170         NA             0450                026

Shr Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College 0630     NA            1750                 070

Mata Sundri College                      1081        NA             2500                 135

Maharaja Agrasen College             0675        080            1350                082

Shyam Lal College                         0900        NA             1700               083

Bhim Rao Ambedkar College         0872        NA             1793               091

Swami Sharaddanand College       1340         NA              2500              150

Dyal Singh College (E)                   0724         NA              1800              051

Zakir Hussain College (E)               0475          NA              1250             070

Vivekanand College                       0662          NA               1450            070

College of Vocational Studies         0834         NA               1600             070

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ICC World cup T 20--2010

Most consecutive wins
Most consecutive losses
Biggest Wins
West Indies---8 wickets vs England
Australia------81 runs  vs Sri Lanka
Narrowest Wins
New Zealand--1 run vs Pakistan
New Zealand--3 runs  vs Zimbabwe
Highest Innings total
Australia---197-7 vs Pakistan
Lowest Innings total
Ireland---68  vs West Indies
Highest Match Aggegate
Australia-- Pakistan---388-13
Most Extras conceded
Australia---20 vs Pakistan
Batting--Leading Rungetters
Highest strike rate
Micheal Hussey----175.7
Most Sixes
Cameron White---12
Most Fours
Suresh Raina---101
Leading Wicket takers
Dirk nannes--14
C Langveldt--11
Best Bowling
Dirk Nannes----4/18

Sunday, May 16, 2010

India-Pakistan Business

Total formal trade---$ 2.3 billion
Illegal trade---------$ 10 billion
In 2000 ---91 % of India's export to Pakistan were mineral products chemicals, plastics, textiles and prepared foodstuff.
Pakistan extends tarriff reductions to just 1075 items from India.
Roughly $ 40 million worth of livestock is smuggled across Sind
                 border from India every year.
Pakistan is not one of India's top 20 export markets.
India is only the 17th most important market for Pakistan.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taj Mahal ,Agra, India---Facts

Year of Construction: 1631

Completed In: 1653

Time Taken: 22 years

Built By: Shah Jahan

Dedicated to: Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Bano Begum), the wife of Shah Jahan

Location: Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

Building Type: Islamic tomb

Architecture: Islamic

Cost of Construction: 32 crore rupees

Number of workers: 20,000

Highlights: One of the Seven Wonders of the World

Friday, May 14, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010, New delhi, India

Total Cost of games
Cost in initial bid in 2003----- Rs 1899 cr
In Budget 2007---------------Rs 3566 cr
Current Official Estimate------Rs 10000 cr
Independent Estimates--------Rs 30000 cr

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Akshaya Tritiya-- weddings in Delhi on 16-5-10

15000-20000 weddings in Delhi on Akshaya Tritiya.
May 16 to Nov17 ---no auspicious day.
Space available in Delhi
100 banquet halls
60 farm houses
675 MCD parks
Rest in hotels and other places

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Deccan Odeyssey Train, Maharashtra, India

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Ltd in association with Indian Railways - Ministry of Tourism has launched a Super Deluxe luxury train "The Deccan Odyssey". The train has been benchmarked against the best luxury trains in the world like the Blue Train of South Africa, The Orient Express of Europe and the Eastern and Oriental of South East Asia.

The Deccan Odyssey's sheer luxury is a sight to behold. Everything in the train reflects the ways of Indian Royalty. The plush interiors, an awesome cuisine and grate sites to see makes the journey memorable. This luxurious train transports its guests on a remarkable sojourn of a land shining in legions grandeur - serene beaches, magnificent forts - palaces and experiencing divine tales etched in colossal rocks. A weeklong royal journey is through some of the best places in Maharashtra namely Mumbai, Sindhudurg, Tarkarli, Goa, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Ellora, Chandrapur (Tadoba Wildlife), Wardha (Sevagram), Ajanta and Nasik. The objective of running "The Deccan Odyssey" train is primarily to showcase the best of tourism assets of Maharashtra like pristine beauty of Konkan coast, the art, the culture, the wildlife, the heritage (including world heritage sites of Ajanta - Ellora) of Maharashtra as well as Maharashtra's local arts, crafts and cuisine.

The train has 21 coaches, out of which 13 are passenger cars accommodating 8 people per coach (11 passenger Cars, 4 coupes per coach - 2 Presidential Suite Cars, 2 coupes per coach), 1 Conference Car, 2 Dinning Cars, 2 Generator Cars with Luggage Store, 1 Staff, spare Car, 1 Spa Car, 1 Bar Car. The train has on-board facilities like T.V., Cable connection with central audio disc player, cell phones, Channel Music, Foreign exchange facilities, etc. The present capacity of the train is 80 pax

The route has been fixed as Mumbai - Sindhudurg - Goa - Kolhapur - Aurangabad(Ellora) - Chandrapur (Tadoba Wildlife Sancturary)- Wardha (Sevagram)- Jalgaon(Ajanta) - Nashik and Mumbai. It will be a seven days round trip starting on every Wednesday from Mumbai. The seasonal tours will operate every year between October to April month. The itinerary of the tour is broadly as follows:

1st Day - Mumbai

2nd Day- Sindhudurg Nagari

3rd Day - Goa

4th Day - Kolhapur- New Palace, Museum, Bhavani Mandap Mahalaxmi Temple - Shalini Palace.

5th Day - Aurangabad-Daulatabad-Ellora Caves-Bibi-ka-Maqbara

6th Day - Chandrapur (Tadoba)

7th Day - Ajanta Caves / Nasik

8th Day - Mumbai.

Vehicles in Delhi, India

No. of registered vehicles-----6 million
No. of vehicles added every day----1100
No. of vehicles moving into the city daily from NCR towns---2 million
Peak hour speed----15 Km/hr

Monday, May 10, 2010

Death penalty in all countries

In 2009
Death penalty carried out in 18 countries
714 people executed
Iran-------------388 people executed
Saudi Arabia---069
China----no records

Friday, May 7, 2010

Best way to discipline kids

1st Choice.----Talk it out
2nd.Choice--- Send them to their rooms
3rd Choice.-----Take away a privilege
4th.Choice-----  Physical punishment.

Talk it out
a. India---85 %
b. Malaysia-84 %
c. France----71
d. UK---61
e. US---56

Send them to their rooms
a. China---12 %
b. France--12
c. India---11

Take away a privilege
a. Australia---39 %
b. US---37
c. UK---25

Physical Punishment
a. Germany---7 %
b. Russia---7
c. UK---7

Persons on Death Row in India

Total no of persons on death row in India----308
Persons from Maharashtra-----58
No of persons hanged since 1947-----17

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Investing in Innovation

 % of Chinese firms that say innovation is a top priority----92

% of Indian  firms that say innovation is a top priority----79

% of US firms that say innovation is a top priority-------61