Monday, January 25, 2010

India Rising

                                               1950-51             2008-09
GDP at current prices----------9719               4933183        Rs Crore
Per Capita net-------------------255                   33283         Rs
Savings as % of GDP--------------9                         38         ----
Exports--------------------------606                 766935          Rs crore
Imports--------------------------608               1305503         Rs crore
Foreign exchange reserves------1029           1230066         Rs Crore
Finished Steel-----------------------1                        54        Million tonnes
Cement-----------------------------3                       181        Million tonnes
Coal-------------------------------32                       491         Million tonnes
Crude oil----------------------------1                       34         Million Tonnes
Electricity----------------------------7                   842         Billion KWH    

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stem Cell Research

The Ailments it can cure are:-
1. Liver disorders
2. Eye or ocular problems
3. Heart Disease or cadiovascular diseases
4. Spinal Injuries
5. Blood disorders
6. Burns & wounds
7. Diabetes
8. Neuroligical disorder
9. Osteoarthiritis
10. Muscular pain & Limb disorders
Treatment is done by extracting stem cells in small quantities and injected into the body part or organ that is suffering from disorders.
164 million people living in India with these disorders will benefit from stem cell therapy
World market for stem cell therepy will increase from $ 36 million in 2009 to $ 96 million by 2015
Stem cells are preserved in cryogenic storage vaults by people.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


% of contribution to world GDP by advanced economies in 2009= 47 %
% of contribution to world GDP by advanced economies in 2000= 66 %
% projected growth of world economy in 2010= 3.5 %
% of world economy growth fueled by emerging & developed markets for 2010= 80 %

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Debt to take or not to take ?

Control spending and debt to be happy
1. limit your borrowings
2. Spend prudently
3. Avoid leveraging.
4. Diffrentiate between cheap and costly loans.
5. Consider prepayment.
6. Think of alternate exit options.
7. Insure your loan.

Stay Healthy

Check the amount of fruit and vegetables you take everyday
Check the timeyou walk and exercise
Have 15 minutes of fun time and laughter everyday

Amount of beans , grains and hogh fibre foods taken everyday

Get naked every two to three months for any new moles. changed moles and any suspicious spots or rashes

Moniter your sleeping pattern ( eight hours of sleep needed everyday)

Moniter your height every year after you turn 50

Keep a mental chart of how dark your urine is.

Check your heartbeat after you exercise

If you have diabetes check your feet everyday

Check your blood pressure every six months

Have a cardio vascular check

Check your hair brush for any excessive hair loss

Friday, January 8, 2010

Best Hours of life

Lonely hours are the best hours of life
Because Its the only time
We share our deepest Secrets with the most
Trusted person in the world
Ourselves …

Friday, January 1, 2010